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Section 265B(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code requires only a brief description of the case, including the offence to which the case relates.  What this means is :

The application should disclose the name of the applicant and enough information to identify the case in which the application is filed.


The application should be as simple as possible, but it should disclose :

          The case number (if any)

          The FIR number and date,

          The police station and district concerned,

          The statute and its sections alleged to have been violated,

          The next date of hearing.


The application should be accompanied by an affidavit stating:

          The application has been voluntarily filed,

          The applicant has understood the contents of the application,

          The applicant is aware of the nature and extent of a punishment provided by law in his case,

          The applicant has not been previously convicted in a case in which he has been charged with the similar offence.


The application is not  required to contain an admission of guilt or details of the manner in which the offence was committed.


IMPORTANT : A draft of the application and affidavit is available free of charge in the Facilitation Counter, Tees Hazari Courts, Delhi.


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