Qualifications of a Mediator



As per Rule 3 of the Mediation and Conciliation Rules, 2004 the High Court and the District & Sessions Judge can prepare panels for appointment of mediator. The qualifications of the mediators / conciliators given in Rule 4 are :-

(a) (i)Retired Judges of the Supreme Court of India;

    (ii)Retired Judges of the High Courts;

   (iii)Retired District & Sessions Judges or retired officers of Delhi Higher Judicial Service;

   (iv)District & Sessions Judges or Officer of Higher Judicial Service.

(b) Legal practitioners with at least ten years standing at the Bar at the level of Supreme Court or the High Court or the District Courts.

(c) Experts or other professionals with at least fifteen years standing.

(d) Persons who are themselves experts in mediation / conciliation.




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